Home Field Schedule Instructions

All home games this year will be played at Gaetanos 1269 Dutch Mill Rd, Newfield, NJ 08344

Please note that multiple coaches are scheduling games on these fields so while a slot may show available other coaches may have booked at the same time.  To ensure this does not happen please use the appointment link to book the time slot.  Games will be reviewed 2 weeks ahead of time.  No game can be changed less than 7 days ahead of time without paying the refs.  Please try to stack games when possible.  No game is set until we hear from the ref assigner.

To schedule a game please select the timeslot desired and include the following information in the title.

  • Field
  • RAGE Team playing
  • Opponent Playing
  • Cards used - NJYS or USCLUB
  • League playing 

A sample title would be 11v11 - Rampage vs Someone - USCLUB - JAGS

The schedule below indicateds games that have been setup, they may not be finalized yet, so if you are looking for a slot that is no longer available please reach out to the other coach.

Home Field Schedule

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